Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Letter from the Editor

Dear Readers,

I am ashamed. I am a terrible blogger, or rather, blogger correspondent. I have so many interesting things to tell you but I've let the blog fall silent for way too long.

By now I should have finished telling you all about Turkey. After that, there was a pretty nifty trip to England and Wales I could have caught you up on. Not to mention the most recent developments with my immediate plans for the summer, involving Serbia, Malta and more of Austria. I could have already reflected on the end of my two years as a TA in Austria. I could have reflected on the past two years, period. I could tell you why Graz is wonderful in the summertime, and I could tell you how--after a four-year absence from the sport--I've just picked up biking again. Heck, I could even tell you about the book club I've helped establish and the writing group I've joined.

All of this, I'd tell you, has been put by the wayside in favor of finishing my NaNoWriMo novel from November. I could feed you all sorts of excuses about how I'm spending my current stage of unemployment trying to finish the first draft and how novel-writing doesn't leave much time for blog-writing.

But I won't. It's just too much to tell you. It's too daunting.

Instead I'll just promise you that you will hear from me. Soon, even. I'm going to get right on it. Because I actually thrive on your comments. Knowing that you read my posts and actually tend to comment on them makes me feel like we're actually keeping in touch. And that's important. I won't kid you--after two years here I still really enjoy it, but I miss you guys a lot. So I'm going to make an attempt at keeping up this one-sided conversation more frequently.

My apologies, and see you on another update soon.

Yours truly,

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Kristin said...

Hey there, Editor. Good to hear from you. I was literally just drying my hair and thinking that we need to skype it up again soon. (The drying my hair bit is a bit mundane, I know, but honestly it is the time in my day when my mind is free to consider things of a non-work nature like friends, life and the need for a new bottle of shampoo.) Glad to hear you're keeping busy as always and can't wait to hear from you again, one way or another. :)