Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Welcome to my latest venture into long-distance correspondence. Many of you viewing this page will remember the days of old when I was a little study abroad student sending frighteningly long emails without paragraphs. After some "feedback" from those who bravely attempted to read them in their entirety, I began to use proper indentation and spacing, but the format of the mass email remained the same. This time around I'm going to try something new and perhaps a bit more with the times: a Blog.

Rather than routinely crowding your inboxes with novellas of my European escapades, I will be keeping a Blog. This way you are free to read and browse at your own pace. I will include photos in my posts, but many, many more photos are to be found on the Flickr link to the right. I'm of course open to feedback, and I apologize in advance to those of you who prefer mass emails (and there are a few of you)...

As I prepare to leave, I find myself in a state of suspended reality. I'm going through the motions of getting my life in the US in order (and fitting my life into 2 suitcases and a carry-on--quite a challenge!) before going back to Austria, but it hasn't really hit me yet what I'm about to do. This will be my third time living in Austria, so I should already be quite familiar with the process. Yet I find myself again in the pre-departure stage where I already miss what I'm leaving behind. This is not to say that I'm not looking forward to Austria--on the contrary, there are quite a few things that are well worth looking forward to: my new apartment with friends, my favorite ice cream stands in the city, working only 12 hours a week, and infinite travel opportunities...just to name a few.

I look forward to switching directions entirely and teaching, and have absolutely no idea what to expect! Reality may finally sink in as I'm standing in front of a class of teenagers on October 1, thinking, 'What in the world have I gotten myself into?!'

...And until then, keep checking back for updates!

*Servus: a typical Austrian greeting

P.S. A big fat shout-out to Angie for helping me come up with the name for this Blog! :)


Lindsay said...

Hi Rebecca...

Exciting days ahead for you I'm sure.

You've told us what servus means... I'm curious regarding Österreichologie.

Also do you know you can import your blog entries on to Facebook? Creating albums on Facebook is what many do as well.

Looking forward to entries during your stay. Hope that my friend, Sammy Lange, will return to his homeland before you return to the states.

Bruce said...

Rebecca, great job! For those who want mass email, I suggest that you simply email those who request it with a few words and a link to your blog each time you desire to update them. - - - Love ya! DAD

the octopus said...


nice work, i find nothing to complain about - and as a fellow teacher i can tell you, that is special. usually, one always finds someting and then decides not to tell, hehe... but nope, you aced this ;)

@lindsay: österreichologie is basically austri-ology, or austrian-ology or something along those lines....

so. looking forward to picking you up - if you want. otherwise, REAL coffee at my place on monday? :)


jschiff said...

omg i already read your first entry! success on my part!! i may consider coming to visit you and rebecca and my friends in klagenfurt...sigh i just did the math and after taxes are taken out of my usa pay check, i basically earn the same amt of money i did while teaching in austria. hhmm, 40 hrs vs. 12 hrs and travel. is there even a question on what i really should be doing?!

have a super ausgezeichnet wunderbar spitzigmassig toll time.

Kimberly said...

Hallo Freundin...and that concludes the German I remember from IB and college. Let's pretend I never learned... :) You will have so much fun in Austria again. You have beaten me to the Continent once more! Well, promise me that you'll blog often, so that instead of reading novellas/novellae? online, we'll see daily entries that are much shorter. Then again, I just wrote a hefty paragraph myself... ah.. the log in the eye...(Love you)

verenska said...

hi rebecca,
here comes your first German-speaking entry (now how exciting is that???!!!)...
ich warte schon gespannt auf unser erstes treffen in graz!bist du denn schon hier? melde dich einfach via e-mail!!!bis bald